Apply to be a Material Supplier at the next [Re]Verse Pitch Competition


Material supplier applications for the next [Re]Verse Pitch Competition just opened! If you're not familiar with [Re]Verse Pitch, its goal is to have entrepreneurs come up with ways they could repurpose another Austin business' material. We do this by having businesses "pitch" a surplus or by-product material to entrepreneurs at an opening event--these entrepreneurs then receive mentorship and technical advice while they create and refine a business idea to repurpose one or more of the competition materials. The top ideas are presented at the final event and the winning entrepreneurs receive cash and in-kind prizes to support the launch of their business idea.

Do you have any surplus or scrap material that you regularly generate but don't have a good way to divert it? If so, you could apply to pitch it in [Re]Verse Pitch and potentially find a solution through the creativity of local entrepreneurs! The competition is headed into its 4th year and other local businesses with surplus materials have seen some great successes from participating--you can see a few of their stories featured here:

It's free to participate as a Material Supplier and the application is short and straightforward. If selected, you would put together a short pitch for the material for the opening event (in late February 2019) and then work with any entrepreneurs who are repurposing your material to answer questions as they arise over the next several weeks. We would also ask for your input during the judging process to make sure the winning choice is an idea that works for you as the potential supplier.

The deadline to apply is December 7th. Here is the link:

Daniel Kietzer