Caustic WaterWe produce approximately 3500 gallons of spent caustic water which contains reactive sulfides and might be desirable for recovery. Small quantities are available.Weekly
Spent Hydro treating Catalyst"Non hazardous spent hydro treating catalyst. Contains aluminum molybdenum and nickel. Amount varies averages 500 lbs/month"Monthly
SCR Brick"Brick like product.  Circular in shape.10"" to 12"" diameter. 6' to 7"" thick."Monthly
Plastic Bottle Caps"Mixed Rigid PP Post-Consumer Plastic Scrap; Pallet Total: 26; Pallet Size: 40"" x 48"" x 50""; Weight Per Pallet: 420 Pounds; Net/Tare Weight Per Pallet: 360 Pounds;"Once
AdhesivesOut of date 3M solvent based adhesives. Great for solvent reclamation.Once
Aluminum OxideUsed brown-fused aluminum oxide dust from grit blasting operation.Yearly
Spent Foundry SandSpent Foundry Sand available for pick up. Quantities available in roll off dumpster loads or equivalentWeekly
Steel racks112# steel racks constructed out of angle iron and rolled steel.Monthly
Methyl ethyl keytoneMethyl ethyl keytone . 99.9% pure with c of a ; m32 -55gallon drumsMonthly
Methyl alcoholMonthly
Un1993 blended solvent(paint related)"Mixed solvents. Great paint line flush. Acetonehexaneheptane methyl alcoholtoluenexyleneethyl acetateMek."Monthly
Butt-Ends American White OakSawmill has Butt-Ends of American White Oak Logs; Great for Firewood.; Sold by Tuck Load.Daily
Ferrous ChlorideHave ferrous chloride waste from galvanizing process. Spent ydrochloric acid that is classified as ferrous chloride. Excellent source for odor reduction for wastewater treatment facilities.Monthly
Bark FiberBark Fiber from American White Oak. Great for Landscape Mulch.Daily
Bark ChipsBark Chips from American White Oak. Sold by Semi-Truck Load.Daily
Scrap tire fiberThis nylon cord material from scrap tires is very fine. Some tire rubber dust remains in the fiber. Material can be hauled in bulk but is dusty.Monthly
Corn Cobs whole or tub groundWhole Corn cobsOnce
Verxite Specialty Vermiculite""Verxite is a highly purified form of vermiculite which is a mica-like mineral; It can be used as a thermal insulation in construction soil amendment in horticulture and as a pool cushion. It absorbs 2-5 times its own weight in mositure;Best offer $;19700 lbs available."Once
Electronic Black AY8"Interior Automotive paint; 2K Solvent-Borne Urethane Basecoat; Laser etchable flexible; Substrates: ABS Acrylics Polycarbonate; Conventional or HVLP spray; Flash 5-10 minutes Bake 30 minutes at 170º; Expired"Once
2k Low Gloss Clear Coat"Interior automotive paint (TDS does not specify interior but was sold to us for interior purposes); Expired"Once
Dark Copper interior automotive basecoat1k Interior basecoat; Requires clear topcoat for durability; Conventional spray or HVLP; Substrate: various plastics; Expired; Best Offer;Once
4 x 4 x 4 Boxes"Emptied and flattened like new 4"" x 4""x 4"" boxes.;~700 on hand; Facility receives ~150/month. ;Price new would be $ 0.20 each."Monthly
Sulfuric Acid 60 DegreeSpent sulfuric acid typically between 56 to 58 Baume.Monthly
Dense grade Soda Ash Sieved Fines from 50mesh process (300um)We have Soda ash available that is leftover from a sieving process. We use 50 Mesh and larger for our products and do not have any use for the fine particles. Materials are technical grade due to some minor debris (possible horsehair from sieve cleaning brush)Once
Cured rubberYearly
Aluminum Oxide"Alumina (Aluminum Oxide) reclaimed from settling pond and packed in 2500 lbs. super sacks ready for shipment. The Alumina is 240 mesh and has approximately 12% moisture remaining. The Alumina is approximately 90% by weight with organic binders making up the rest for press ability.  "Yearly
Woven Polyester Caristrap with Metal Buckle"10.5 foot long 3/4inch polyester banding with metal buckle.

Straps are collected in Gaylord boxes. Free to a company who can repurpose these straps

transportation will not be provided."Monthly
Broken pallets & Wood scrap"A mixture containing broken pallets broken deck boards off of pallets and green wood scrap."Weekly
CardboardCardboard BoxesWeekly
Plastic/Polyethylene Chemical drums"Plastic/Polyethylene Chemical drums that stored car wash chemicals. They are empty and rinsed out.  We have an approximate total of  8 - 55 gallon drums 75 - 30 gallon drums and 250 - 5 gallon jugs.  This is more accurate than the information required below."Once
Carbon Bonded Ceramic MaterialUnused Scrap MaterialWeekly
Desiccant PacksUsed desiccant packs that are shipped into plant as part of moisture control for incoming material are currently being disposed of due to no longer being needed on site.Once
Wheelabrator DustWheelabrator Dust is generated when Braze Frams are Cleaned in a Wheelabrator Unit using Stainless Steel Blast Media.  The dust is recovered by a Bag House Filtration System into 25 gallon size metal drums.Yearly
Used Empty Supersacks for Recycling"Used empty Supersacks for recycling.  Last contain organic acids such as adipic azelaic isophthalic sebacic and terphthalic acids. SDSs available on request. Supersacks can be bundled on pallets. Methods of shipping can be discussed."Monthly
400W Ballasts -FreeMetal 400W Ballast. Brand new. We have converted to LED and no longer need. Contact if interested.Once
Pallets & Crates"Various size pallets and packing crates"