ACL Music Festival 2019 Seeks Recycled Art


Austin Materials Marketplace + C3 Presents / Request for Proposal – CARES Lounge Art

The Austin Materials Marketplace and C3 Presents seek artwork to be displayed inside/alongside the CARES Lounge at ACL Music Festival 2019. The CARES Lounge will sit in the center of the main ACL CARES area, which is ACL’s cause-related and non-profit area of the park.

LOCATION/CONTEXT: The CARES Lounge will offer festivalgoers a space to relax in the shade, interact with beautiful and interesting art, and learn about sustainability through selected furniture & décor. Everything within the Lounge will be intentionally selected to challenge the way we think about, interact with, and generate “waste.”

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The work should be attractive, photo-worthy, and interesting. Above all, the work must be primarily (if not entirely) made from reused/recycled/repurposed materials which viewers should easily recognize and find surprising, amusing, thought-provoking, and/or inspiring. The work itself (and the artist) should be models of how environmental consideration adds value to art and our relationship with it. We are looking for items that can act as furniture, décor, or stand-alone art.

PROJECT SITE: The CARES Lounge will be located near the center of ACL, North of the main entrance. The Lounge will be shaded by a large, colorful, and web-like covering. The exact area is roughly 20 ft x 30 ft. Selected works may be displayed inside or outside of the Lounge in whatever manner is appropriate for the space and the work.

INSTALLATION: Selected works should be primarily (if not entirely) constructed off-site and easily deliverable to the festival grounds (Zilker Park). The festival begins on Friday, October 4th, with load-in available on the Wednesday and Thursday before. Load-out would take place on Monday, October 14th following the end of Weekend 2 of the Festival.

PROJECT FUNDS/AWARD: Selected artists will be given exposure to thousands of ACL guests over both weekends; prospective digital marketing/social media promotion via Austin Materials Marketplace and/or C3 Presents before, during, and after the festival; and no financial assistance for the production of the work. Artists will retain full ownership of the work and damages to work sustained during the festival will be addressed case-by-case after the festival. 

CALENDAR: (subject to change)

  • Application period: September 17th through September 29th, 2019

    • Works will be selected on a rolling basis

  • Completion of Art: September 30th, 2019

  • Delivery and Installation of Art: October 2nd-3rd, 2019

  • Reclamation of Art: October 14th, 2019


  • Adherence to theme in design, medium, and production

  • Ease of installation

  • Perceived professionalism of artist and deliverability of work


Proposals should be submitted via email to and with the subject “RFP: CARES Lounge - Name” within the application period. In their preferred format, artist must provide:

  • Name and brief description of proposed work

  • Visual representation of completed or proposed work 

  • Written representation of how the work adheres to the theme in design, medium, and/or production including the manner in which materials were obtained

  • Brief explanation of artist’s capability to transport, install, and remove work


  • All questions and follow up inquiries can be directed to Kara Wright,


We have happily partnered with C3 Presents to address their sustainability goals for ACL Music Festival in 2019 through the Materials Recovery Program and beyond.


Keeping our event site and the planet healthy for future generations is a key mission of ACL. That’s why all aspects of the event are planned through an aggressively “green” lens – from on-site fan activations to waste diversion practices to biodiesel-fueled generators.

Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading live entertainment company, recently announced that its global sustainability coalition, Green Nation, is committing to new environmental goals for all Live Nation owned and operated festivals. The primary targets include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and ending the sale of single-use plastics at all owned and operated venues and festivals by 2021, including ACL. The charter outlining these goals can be viewed here

In 2018, ACL recycled 112 tons of material, filled more than 800,000 water bottles at our water refill stations, and offset 950 metric tons of carbon emissions. ACL continues to be a leader in sustainability thanks to your participation in programs like this one. We appreciate you!

Kara Wright