What's New in the Marketplace - Materials and Users


We have some fresh new materials listed in the Marketplace. These materials could save big for your business while also avoiding the carbon emissions that it takes to make new materials. Log in to your Marketplace account to check out these listings or get signed up here.

Here's a peak at what's available:

  1. Penco Clipper Industrial Metal Shelving Units
  2. Connected Stadium Style Waiting Room Seats
  3. Senergy Stucco
  4. Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station
  5. Gaylord Boxes


The Marketplace community rounded up some fantastic new additions recently. We are so excited to now be working with: Austin EcoNetwork, C3 Presents, The Eclectic Quirkinator, Peregi, Austin Beerworks, Global Material Recycling,Vision Gland, Big Foot Recycling, Taylor Farm,  Bailey Middle School PTA, Hebe, and CSC Management,.

Go, team!

Katie Duffy