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The Austin Materials Marketplace is an online platform allowing local Austin businesses and organizations to connect and find reuse and recycling solutions for waste and by-product materials. Since 2014, hundreds of connections have led to over 44,000 cu feet of material being diverted from the landfill and to highest and best use.


The Austin Materials Marketplace is an easy-to-use resource for AISD teachers to find classroom supplies and materials for new projects, and to share materials between classrooms and campuses.


By sourcing materials from the Austin Materials Marketplace, teachers also have a new opportunity to engage students in sustainable practices.

In addition to diverting waste from landfills, materials recovered through the program generate cost savings, energy savings, and create new jobs and business opportunities.

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Technology Enabled

The program's growth and scale is enabled by the Materials Marketplace platform, a cloud-based marketplace for posting, finding and exchanging underutilized materials.

Business Led

The platform provides a safe, secure and controllable tool for your businesses. Solutions in the marketplace have true triple-bottom-line benefits; creating economic value that's also good for the environment and the community.

Community Driven

Over 300 local businesses - small and large, non-profits, educational institutions and community organizations share resources through the program.


The Materials Marketplace has won awards from the World Economic Forum, Environmental Leader, and the International Economic Development Council.


Rules for Participation

Please carefully read and follow the below guidelines for AISD faculty and staff in the Austin Materials Marketplace.


Sourcing Materials

• AISD staff and teachers are welcome to source materials from outside of AISD for classroom and facility use only, not for personal use. 

• At this time, transportation and logistics need to be arranged between you and the owner of the material. AISD staff will not be able to assist.

• Similarly, AISD can not offer warehouse space for temporary storage of materials.

• If you do not see the material you want in the "available" materials tab, you can create a wanted material listing by clicking "Add Material > Wanted Material". Select the Materials Marketplace Users audience for all wanted materials' listings.

• To see materials available from other AISD staff and teachers, search "AISD" at the top of the page:

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• The majority of materials on the Austin Materials Marketplace are available free of charge. However, if a material is listed with a price by its owner, AISD will not be able to purchase materials through the program.

• Note that this is a US-wide platform - search by location as well to see listings closest to your location.

Posting AISD Materials

• AISD-owned materials MUST remain within the AISD network. When posting an available material, add the following to your listing description to alert other users.

Listing available for AISD teachers and staff only.

• Transportation and logistics need to be arranged between you and the taker of the material. AISD staff will not be able to assist.

• The following items are not allowed to be posted by AISD teachers and staff in the Materials Marketplace: fixed assets (any AISD asset-tagged property), items purchased with title or grant funds, and technology. Solutions are being explored to allow some of these items to be posted on the platform at a future date.

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