Program Subscriptions

The Austin Materials Marketplace has been fully-funded by Austin Resource Recovery for the first two contract years, August 2014 to August 2016, with the intention to gradually transition to a network-supported, self-funding business model starting in Fall 2017. Part of this business model includes network subscription fees, outlined below, based on organization size. Your network subscription gets your organization:

  • Access to the Materials Marketplace platform (and the new & improved platform coming later this year),
  • Match recommendations and facilitation assistance from our project team,
  • Educational opportunities,
  • Networking and cross-industry collaboration,
  • And publicity from the program.

Get in touch with our team at or 512.981.5417 with any questions.

Start with your number of employees:

  • Small: 1-30 employees
  • Medium: 30-200 employees
  • Large: 200+ employees

Then estimate your materials generated per year:

  • Small: less than 100 lbs/year or 1 cu yard
  • Medium: between 100 lbs/year and 10,000 lbs/year, or between 1 cu yard and 40 cu yards
  • Large: greater than 10,000 lbs/year or 40 cu yards

Finally, combine the two together:

  • Small by Employee + Small by Materials = Small Subscription
  • Small by Employee + Medium by Materials = Small Subscription
  • Small by Employee + Large by Materials = Medium Subscription
  • Medium by Employee + Small by Materials = Small Subscription
  • Medium by Employee + Medium by Materials = Medium Subscription
  • Medium by Employee + Large by Materials = Large Subscription
  • Large by Employee + Small by Materials = Medium Subscription
  • Large by Employee + Medium by Materials = Large Subscription
  • Large by Employee + Large by Materials = Large Subscription

Nonprofits, academic institutions and government entities are able to subscribe at the "Small" level. Discounts are available on a case-by-case basis - contact us.

Options are available for a yearly subscriptions and month-to-month subscriptions, which can be canceled at anytime. Please contact us at 512.981.5417 or with any questions.

Yearly Subscription

Monthly Subscription