What’s in your Closet? How GM’s Austin Call Center Diverted 75yds³ from Landfill


Most of us have that “one closet” in our home or “one drawer” in our kitchen that’s filled to the brim with things we no longer use, but can’t – in good conscience – just throw out. And chances are, if you took a peak into the closets and storage rooms around your workplace, you’d probably see the same issue.

The Austin Materials Marketplace isn’t just for manufacturing businesses and organizations. Our project team recently visited General Motors’ Austin Call Center, where we uncovered a treasure chest full of wonderfully useful materials hiding inside of their closets and storage rooms. This included reusable business furniture in great condition, office fixtures in perfect condition leftover from a previous remodel, and obsolete electronics and cables. These rooms needed to be cleared out quickly to make space for some new equipment coming in, and General Motors’ commitment to landfill free guided them towards our program as one potential solution.

These are all materials the Austin Materials Marketplace program is designed to accommodate, and we have more than a few connections in the Austin area to either reuse or recycle these sorts of materials, keeping them far away from our local landfill. In this example, we were able to facilitate a connection between General Motors and Texas Office Products & Supply for the transportation, reuse and recycling of nearly all of GM’s materials, about 75 cubic yards total, detailed below.

So take a peak in your workplace’s storage rooms and closets. Jot down all the items your business has been storing for way too long and needs to get rid of. Then contact us to help you deal with these items in a responsible, sustainable way. We’re here to help.

Cubic Yard(s)MaterialResale (yds³)Recycle (yds³)Donation (yds³)
8Misc cubical parts: polyester, metal and wood (no resale value)6
1CRT Monitors1
8TV Monitors (30-36")8
3CPUs, fax machines, keyboards3
2Toner cartridges2
10Rolling media carts3
3Computer-related furniture3
2Podium/display unit2
2Shelving parts - no upright supports1
3Light fixtures - large, 30" round3
22x2 ceiling tile2
2Data cables, some new in packages2
1Styrofoam boards, 4x81
3500-1000 used headsets3
2Cardboard boxes (used to store the headsets)2
5Stackable Chairs5
10Swivel Chairs10