80 materials available

224 materials being sought

Below you’ll find a preview of materials that are currently available in the marketplace – for more details, photos and the most up-to-date list, login to your marketplace account. We encourage you to think creatively about what you may be able to use. We’re able and happy to work with both one time trades – like a warehouse unit of used office furniture – and continuous by-product streams, so don’t hesitate to get involved today.


Resource NameDescriptionResource Type
50 Tech Benches - IAC - Dimension 4Qty 9 - Double sided benches - (attached back to back) most with power and ESD shelves - no light kits, H72 x W72 x L72 Target $400 ea; Qty 10 - Double length (2 attached side to side) Modular most with power and ESD shelves - few with light kits H72 x W36 x L44 -- Target $400 ea; Qty 6 - QUAD side to side and back to back (4 tech benches total) - most with power and ESD shelves - few with light kits H72 x W72 x L144 Target $600 ea; Qty 11 -- Single Modular - Most with power some with light kits H72 x W36 x L72 - Target $200 ea; Qty 4 - Generic small H70 x W24 X L56 - Target $100 eaBusiness Equipments/Machinery
ESD RacksQty 71 - ESD Racks - Regency space solutions Model 109 RackEcon -- 20 slots -- Target $125 eaBusiness Equipments/Machinery
Grey ShelvesQty 70, 2 x 4 x 7 - Target $75 eaBusiness Equipments/Machinery
Table/BenchQty 20 -- Table / Bench with power - Target $100 eaBusiness Equipments/Machinery
Table/BenchQty 28 -- Table / Bench -- no power - Target $50Business Furniture/Appliances
Granite DustGranite dust contains a wide range of trace minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus. Granite dust is organic and loaded with essential nutrients that release slowly to encourage stronger root systems and healthier plants. This mineral-rich dust is ideal for premixing soil, top dressing potted plants, transplanting, and blending with compost.Soil/Sand/Gravel
Concrete Telecom VaultsNEWBASIS Concrete vaults that have a single layer of fiberglass on the outside, never used. Can either be used for intended purpose - burying for fiber reels - or alternate uses. There are lids included. The bottoms have a hole on either side for running the cable but could be closed if necessary. Also could be run through a large shredder and the resulting materials used in place of gravel. Dimensions are: 52in X 34in X 36in and vault weight is 647 LBS. Price is negotiable.Business Equipments/Machinery
Cold packsGel ice cold packs that were shipped with laboratory supplies. They have only been used once.Packaging
Window Covering Roller ShadesWindow Coverings / Roller Shades. Various sizes and colors. Some have full components available.Business Furniture/Appliances
Telecommunications VaultChannell Commercial Corp - G5T15 - Below-Grade, Get Away, 24in W x 76in L x 42in D, HDPE Body, Bulk, Open Bottom, Embedded Metal Rack, Glvnzd Steel Support Beams, Polymer Concrete 3-Piece Split Cover, ANSI/SCTE 77-2010 Tier 15. Never used. Price up for negotiation.Business Equipments/Machinery
Dented food cans5 pallets of dented food cans (too dented to be safe for human consumption). We expect to have about 20 more pallets over the next month or twoFood/Food Residue
Oriented Strand Board Panels~20 units of OSB panels, 4\'x8\', good condition, freeConstruction and Demolition Wastes
Mylar bags (BoPET)Mylar bags used for shipping ingredients for brewery.Packaging
Recycled absorbent padsAbsorbent Pads that have had the oil removed and are in good conditionAbsorbent
ReBlend PaintAustin ReBlend is an environmentally friendly paint made in 3.5 gallon containers in one color Balcones Canyonland (medium brown). It is a 100% recycled, flat finish, low VOC paint that is made from the paint brought into the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. \\n\\nAustin ReBlend is available to non-profit organizations for civic projects and the public for individual projects for no charge. \\nPaints and Coatings
Wooden Palletsstandard wooden palletsPaper/Fiber/Board
Granite Scrap RubbleGranite rubble can be used as landscape fill.Construction and Demolition Wastes
Spent YeastSpent YeastOrganic Residue/Compost
Mylar BagsEmpty bags used to transport hopsPackaging
VHS TapesLarge number of VHS tapes available - would like to find a reuse or recycling opportunity that can work with both the plastic and toxic tape inside.Plastics/Rubber
ZippersZipper would be still on the top half of jeans - has a crate/box of themTextiles/Leather
ButtonsButtons are on a strip of fabric that has been cut from a shirt. We have a crate/box of themPlastics/Rubber
Wicker basketsMiscellaneous wicker baskets. Painted/stained and plain, mixed sizes. Generating unknown amount but likely approximately 100 or so each day.Packaging
VacuumsUsed vacuum cleaners, varied condition. Can be baled.Electronics/E-scrap
PillowsUsed pillows. Mixed decorative and bed pillows, mixed condition. Processed into bales.Textiles/Leather
Bubble wrapBubble wrapPackaging
BooksExcess undesired books. Large quantity of books available on a regular basis.Paper/Fiber/Board
CDs & DVDsCDs & DVDsElectronics/E-scrap
PeanutsUsed packaging peanuts.Packaging
Wood BlindsUsed wood blinds from client's buildings. Various quantity and types.Wood/Lumber
Drapery panelsUsed drapery panels from client's buildings. Various quantity and types. Donations available for non profits, otherwise the price is $50.Wood/Lumber
Cardboard BoxCardboard BoxPackaging
Mushroom CompostSpent mushroom mycelium from a sustainable mushroom farm.Organic Residue/Compost
Cementitious fineswashed out cement and fly ash particles collected in filter bags, 2000 lb eachNon-metallic Mineral
Wood PalletsExcess wooden pallets.Wood/Lumber
Work Station/DeskSteelcase 45 inch work station/desk. This item is not intended for resale or recycling.Business Furniture/Appliances
Buckets- 5 gallon food grade4 and 5 gal food grade buckets with lids. $2 each ($1.5 if over 100). Free to non-profits depending on availability.Food/Food Residue
Drip Irrigation TapeSIGNIFICANT amount of drip irrigation tape available (called T-Tape) that can be reused. We usually use 2 lines of tape per bed, at approx. 412ft per bed, with approx. 2600 beds, so basically 2.15million feet of drip tape.Plastics/Rubber
LimestoneSignificant and recurring quantity of stone available. Sizes include large blocks, flagstone-esque pieces, small pieces, long and wide strips, and long and skinny strips. More photos at http://austinmaterialsmarketplace.org/stone-available.Stone/Bricks
55 gallon metal barrels55 gallon, metal barrelsPackaging
Packing peanutsBags of clean packing peanutsPackaging
Whole glass bottlesWhole glass bottlesGlass
Plastic corner braces - Free!Plastic corner braces used to stiffen / support corners of palletized loads. These mixed plastic corner braces are 1 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. x 6 1/2 feet. long, plastic and great for bracing loads before stretch wrapping. Can easily be cut down to fit other needs. I get hundreds of these weekly. These could be used to create a gate and/or fence in conjunction with pallet lumber.Packaging
Wood PalletsWood pallets of various shape, size, and quality.Wood/Lumber
Racing TiresUsed Racing Tires w/ 24 1/2\ Diameter"Transportation/Backhaul
Cardboard boxesCorrugated and flat. 20-50 boxes of various sizes at any given time.Packaging
PalletsPallets for reusePackaging
Food Scraps for LivestockInterested livestock operations could use to diversify feed. There is the possibility to mix with spent brewers grains for protein source.Food/Food Residue
cold packs- reuseableto keep things cool, ie food, food samples. They have been used only once. if you have business that ships things that need to be cool you are probably already purchasing. We have food vendor as regular customer.Coolants
Styrofoam balesBaled styrofoam. great insulator. have had people use for walls of greenhouse. one person is going to build a shed. 31 inches thick, 5 feet wide, and different heights. any green hobby builders. should be covered as flamable material.Construction and Demolition Wastes
Vinyl Bannerspieces are various sizes, produce 1 gaylord every 3-4 weeks during the non-busy season, approximately 1 every week during the busy season.Plastics/Rubber
Flag Fabric Scrapnylon flag scrap. pieces are various sizes, produce 1 gaylord every 3-4 weeks during the non-busy season, ~1 every week during the busy season.Textiles/Leather
Used Olive OilWe generate approximately 1 gallon a week of olive oil. Pickup would need to be on Thursdays after 10 am. Taker will need own container to collect oil.Fuel/Oils
Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes3 bundles of 25 boxes (14"x14"x4") - $15 per bundle. 2 bundles of 25 boxes (18"x14"x4") - $15 per bundle. 2 bundles of 25 boxes (12"x9"x12") - $15 per bundle. 1 bundle of 25 boxes (12"x12"x3") - $10 per bundle. 15 boxes (15"x15"x6") - $1 each. 1 bundle of 25 boxes (6"x6"x6") - $7 per bundle. 1 bundle of 25 boxes (6"x6"x8") - $8 per bundle. 15 boxes (6"x6"x1\") - $0.30 each."Packaging
Oyster ShellsApproximately 4,000 pounds of oyster shells generated weekly. If ground up, oyster shells can be used for farming, gardening and land restoration projects. They provide a long-lasting steady release of nutrients to help regulate pH levels, promote healthy cellular structure, increase fertilizer uptake, and enhance soil tilth. If loosely crushed or left whole, oyster shells are also helpful in creating more active habitats for soil microbes in compost piles and worm bins.Organic Residue/Compost
Fish ScrapsLarge volume of red fish, salmon, drum fish, tuna and other fish scraps. This includes heads, viscera, skin, trimmings, and fish rejects. This organic material has a high protein content and high levels of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fish oils. Fish scraps are compostable in most commercial compost facilities, but frequent pickup is required due to volume and spoilage.Organic Residue/Compost
Mussel ShellsLess than 20 pounds per week of mussel shells available.Organic Residue/Compost
Clam ShellsLess than 20 pounds per week of clam shellsOrganic Residue/Compost
Merchandising GondolaGlass Shelves, Merchandising Gondola in great shape. Minimal wear and tear.Business Furniture/Appliances
4 Cup Coffee Makers60 units of 4 cup coffee makers available. 15$ each. Preference to bulk buyer.Business Equipments/Machinery
Merchandising Shelving, SquareNearly new, used to display skin products.Business Furniture/Appliances
Polyethylene FoamStyrofoam (Pink Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam, polyethene foam, black poly foam, polyether polyurethane foam, Packing polyethylene foam.)Packaging
Plastic CratesWe generate 500-600 of these crates at each of our 2 locations. These crates have held produce and are generally free of all food debris. 23.6"x15.7"x8.3""Plastics/Rubber
Particle & Plywood PalletsParticle & wood pallets FREEWood/Lumber
Wood PalletsGrade B Wood Pallets 48" x 40" x 5" - $2.50 (Negotiable)Wood/Lumber
Steel Arms for ChairsThese ~100 steel pieces came off theatre chairs. The round part is 16 3/8"long, 1 1/4\" diameter. The square part is 9\" long (parallelogram) and 2 1/4\" square. Could be great material for a metal working project!"Business Furniture/Appliances
Paper PlatesSoiled Paper PlatesPaper/Fiber/Board
Paperboard InsertsPaperboard InsertsPaper/Fiber/Board